Some of the official work for Respawn Entertainment I’ve been hired to make!

Apex Legends: Unlucky Charm (Season 17)

Works alongside the writing and video graphics teams to create the art assets to tell this touching, but deceptive reunion between Lifeline and Octane.

Knowing the script and the emotive beats I wanted to hit, I made a story board to best capture the line deliveries.

Concepted a background based on the existing environmental language in Apex Legends. Modeled basic room and lighting in Blender, then painted over everything in Clip Studio Paint.

Apex Legends: Taste (Season 14)

Apex Legends: An Offer She Can’t Refuse (Season 11)

Apex Legends: Runs in the Family (Season 9)

Now for UNofficial Works.

Family Found

Working Together

Bloodhound: Face Design / Reveal

Revenant: Reprogramming