Original IP: CANOPY

Mascot platformer level and environment concepts! 4 areas that encompass different terrain, game mechanic / tool challenges.

Seven enemy designs.

Original IP: Ley’s Hollow

Original game concept with “TOEM”-like camera-based gameplay. Three kids sneak into school on the suspicion that there are an uptick of cryptids and urban legends. Their one mission: Document it all for the Journalism Club!

Original IP: SHIFTER

Original universe where humanoid aliens play a motorcycle-based sport. A little bit of roller-derby, a little bit of Wacky Races, a whole lot of personality! Concepts include Other team uniforms, custom helmets for each characters unique horn configurations, attitude sheets and portrait.

Original IP: BLOODHOUND / AGENCY (considering renaming)

Bloodhound is an original webcomic and universe i created in 2018. In a world where supernatural beings live side-by-side with humans, follow two private detectives as they hunt down demons and bring the occult users to justice! Two turnarounds for the main characters, color palettes, and some personality sketches. One setting painting for the main character’s room.

FAN WORKS: Multiple works from the Titanfall/Apex universe. An original cahracter, an original skin design, and multiple outfit concepts for official contracted work!