Essence Hookah Lounge

When I was 19, downtown Bethlehem was the coolest possible place to hang out, see some entertainment, and nightlife! This particular place was the number one most artist-filled, guaranteed night of fun that a kid could have (being under 21 that is….).

The motivation for rebranding was heavy — it was a cool place, in a great city, currently brimming with artists, and all they had was:

snippet of Essence old logo

This is all thats left of their old logo, all I can find is this small snippet. But you can glean the carnage of the old logo, right?

I needed to help them. Very badly. So I created a new logo.

To start this logo, I assessed what people may think most about a hookah, the parts, how it works, etc. I see that a coal is placed on the top of the hookah. That sticks out. I also want to highlight the culture from which the device hails, and I incorporate a design inspired by the Mughal Empire (India), and Persia.

Essence Hookah Lounge Coaster

Next was to tackle the menu, which did look like an actual word document. Fortunately I was there to solve that problem! I continued the use of a simplified icon, a coal for the logo, a tobacco leaf for the shisha (tobacco flavors) menu, and so on.

Essence Hookah Lounge Menu

Admittedly the iPad design I had made is horrendously out-dated, i will opt to not show you that particular mockup.