Editorial Pieces

Editorial design has a very special place in my heart! I have so much fun when i’m handed a simple email or Word Document  and the simple order of “Make this pretty”. That’s obviously paraphrasing, no boss has ever told me to make something pretty — but that doesn’t mean that’s not what I do!


The Auto Innovation Guide was a piece made as a pitch while working at Philadelphia magazine, in the advertising / marketing department. Asked to make some eye-catching marketing materials for a partner working with the Philadelphia Auto Show, i made some comps to show my supervisor. While they were not chosen, I still stood by the design (even now). At Philadelphia magazine I was challenged to use Adobe InDesign to produce 100% of the work i was given. This sparked a love for the often neglected program, and I built my skills up! So then using InDesign was like a second language. All of my editorial pieces are made with InDesign!


Next Task at Philly Mag: Marketing Materials for Philly Cooks.

I learned very quickly to abide by brand standards: Only certain approved fonts, include all logos and partner logos, pay attention to the size of each logo, our target market is older so make everything as readable as possible, clean and bright designs trump other concepts time and time again. This was what I adapted to in less than 3 months.

Applying these lessons was essential to getting  designs noticed and chosen, and boy do I love winning. This is when i made my absolute favorite little one-page marketing ad. Using fresh veggies, the motion of what I like to call the “pancake flip”, and short and sweet content — the Philly Cooks ad was born!


Lastly: An article. An image. A challenge!

As an assignment in school we were given an article, and a computer; the rest, dear reader was an invitation to make something great! I love big clean images, so here I go, shoving them into an article. The most fun part of this assignment was creating the chicken + root graphic, a 100% original vector artwork. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do!